Agent Ataran Sionis

ISB Agent in charge of routing out anti-Imperial activities in the Fath sector


Tall and scowling with a douchey beard and slicked back hair. Usually clad in a douchey leather coat


According to Cutter, Agent Ataran Sionis was selected for the ISB just after completing Stormtrooper training. Cutter, who claims to have been one of Sionis’ training officers, says that Sioinis is “good people”. That he is honest and that he believes in trying to make the galaxy a safer place. Supposedly, he was a model recruit who excelled in this training.

The party encountered agent Ataran Sionis in Athar while he was investigating the gang leader, Dash Hellis as a potential force user. He blackmailed Ayylrayrr into spying on the party and tried to use her to direct them against Dash Hellis. After she failed at this he sent her to the spice mines on Kessel. He “enlisted” the party’s help in verifying the evidence they had be given by sending them into one of Fat Lobot’s clubs. The party managed to infiltrate the casino and confirm the evidence and Sionis and his ISB agents went out to arrest Hellis. According to local news reports this arrest was not successful and Hellis escaped.

After using camera droids to spy on the party, Sionis discovered that Gared Seaver was force sensitive. He gave the party a hard decision to make; hand Seaver into Imperial custody, or be arrested (or more likely killed while resisting arrest). Aayla’voa and Vince Fukt’ifino attempted to jump Sionis but he quickly disarmed them both and left them on their backs. The group were reluctant but they let Seaver go with Sionis and his other ISB agents. Sionis promised that no harm would come to the kid and that this was for his own good.