Creel Pax/Ran Walder

Hard Drinking Hired Gun


Dressed well in expensive clothes but still manages to look a bit scruffy and shabby somehow.


Met aboard a the Mag Lev train to Nuth traveling under the name “Ran Walder”. After a brief altercation, he challenged Yuri Lagana to a duel. This duel turned out to be a drinking contest. During this “duel” he spoke of growing up on a farm in Corellia. After matching each other drink for drink until the bottle was drained, Walder passed out, falling off his bar stool. A Bothan dragged him to his room in the first class sleeping car.

Eventually the party managed to confront him in his room. He sprang up to defend himself, but was quickly overpowered by the group. After beating him unconscious, the party strangled the life out of him and dumped his body out the window of his cabin.

In his room they found a carry bag containing toiletries and an Athari city passport under the name Ran Walder. After a thorough search of the bag, Robb found a secret zipped compartment containing ID and traveling info for “Creel Pax” of Corellia.

Creel Pax/Ran Walder

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