Crix Beraand

A fixer based in Athar, capitol city of JanFathal


Scruffy black hair and beard, over weight, facial scar


Crix Beraand is a fixer. He matches people with very particular (not always legal) skillsets and to jobs (that are also not always legal). He is relatively unknown but those that do know of him know not to say much. The little that people will say is that you don’t talk about Crix and that if you stick with him he will make you rich. He is known to be secretive and very effective. He is usually accompanied by his personal assistance; a protocol droid named Iggy. This is was all just a cover though. “Crix Beraand” was in fact an agent for the Black Sun Syndicate.

He manipulated the party into being involved in a plot to undermine the underworld hierarchy on JanFathal. It was apparent that he left JanFathal some time before the party managed to discover his true identity.