Athar was the capital city of JanFathal. Its inhabitants were known as the Athari. During the Clone Wars, the city was at the centre of the Battle of JanFathal as control over it was disputed between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Athar was completely desolated during the Clone Wars. In the ten years since, the city has been rebuilt but the evidence devastation caused during the war is still very apparent, especially in the Downtown district. In order to re-establish the economy, JanFathal lowered its corporate tax rate in order to attract large intergalactic Mega-Corps such as Czerka Arms to do business in Athar.

In the years after the Clone Wars, Athar became a nest of smuggling and villainy. Smugglers began using the ruined parts of Athar as a way-station on the way into the Core Systems. When the Athari government began to reestablish the economy and began to rebuild, they turned a blind eye to many of the shady activities of the JanFathal underworld. In turn, the criminals and smugglers set up a black market network that formed the initial
foundation of the planets economy.