Black Sun Syndicate

Blacksun.pngThe Black Sun is a secret interstellar crime syndicate, operating at every level of galactic society. Powerful crime lords called Vigos protect Black Sun’s underworld supremacy while simultaneously vying for more power and territory within the organization. Each Vigo organizes, coordinates, and controls massive illegal operations in his own region in the galaxy. Secrecy is paramount to Black Sun’s centuries-long operations. Smaller criminal groups often unknowingly work for the sprawling crime syndicate. Black Sun is sometimes an ally (but more often an adversary) of the Imperial government. Smugglers and black marketeers are duped into carrying out Black Sun deliveries and operations. Black Sun reaches from Coruscant, the capital world of Imperial Center, to the backwater planets and isolated worlds beyond Known Space.

After it was revealed that Crix Beraand was in fact an agent for the Black Sun, the party realised that they had been the pawns in a plot to throw the underworld of Athar into chaos. Upon discovering this plot, any trace of the Black Sun’s involvement was quickly covered up and blame was placed squarely upon the group.