Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, or COMPNOR, was built on the foundation of a similar such political entity that existed within the Republic. However, this organization is decidedly committed to both the person and the policies of Emperor Palpatine, and it has become his personal machine of political power throughout the galaxy.
At first, COMPNOR seemed little more than a social organization of primarily younger and highly devoted followers of the Emperor.

By filling the ranks with ideological enthusiasts and pandering to their hopes and fears, the Emperor crafted a body politic truly vast in size and scope. By enveloping key political, military, and economic leaders into the elitist Select Committee, he gathered the most powerful and influential people in the galaxy directly into his service.

For every battle the Imperial Military has won, COMPNOR has won countless others through diplomatic, bureaucratic, and economic manipulation. There is not a Moff or military officer who doesn’t have to consider COMPNOR with every decision he makes or plan he puts into action.

The complexity of the organization is tremendous, but a few key factions within COMPNOR, such as COMPFORCE demand some attention for anyone negotiating his way through Imperial space.

Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

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