Comprised of the idealistic youth driven to serve Emperor Palpatine’s grand vision, CompForce is the military arm of COMPNOR. It provides both frontline Assault troops for direct combat against the Rebel Alliance and other enemies, and Observation volunteers who seek to learn the intricacies of the Imperial Military before formally pursuing an officer’s career or some other key role in COMPNOR.

In truth, Observ personnel mostly serve to ensure absolute loyalty among the career officers of the Army and the Navy. While many are ambitious to a fault, most are truly sincere in their efforts to encourage utter loyalty and service to the New Order. Not surprisingly, the interference of an Observ operative has led to more than one shortened military career, often followed by an otherwise highly trained and capable military man seeking his fortunes in the Outer Rim.

Meanwhile, CompForce Assault soldiers (of which only around twelve percent even get past basic training) are simply insanely brave and mostly inept shock troops, fed into extremely difficult combat situations in order to preserve more valuable military assets. However, as more and more of these exceedingly loyal Assault troops gain experience through survival, they become highly valuable soldiers that serve the Select Committee and the Emperor above all others.