Downtime, whether it be in a city or on a ship, can be used to get bonuses or make money. Let me know what you want to spend down time doing.

  • Earn Money Working: Ply your trade, do whatever it is you are good at. Guard work, laboring in a repair shop, heavy lifting or even selling your butt. I might make how much you earn from such activities rely on a check relevant to the job (eg. Discipline/Vigilance for guard work)
  • Healing: Wounds recover over time. Actually convalescing will increase healing speeds. Critical Injuries take time to heal, so does the surgery it takes to fix them. You can recover 1 Wound per day that you spend doing nothing.
  • Hobbies/Reading/Studying/Training: Various other activities like these can be done too. Come up with whatever you want. Checks relevant to that activity can be made (if you want) and success will mean being able to add Boost to similar or related checks in Uptime. (eg.Reading a book on Outer Rim cultures and society could give you Boosts on Outer Rim checks in Uptime.)
  • Whatever Else: Whatever you want to do that seems downtimey. Do what you want I’m not the boss off you*

    * I am actually the boss of you cos I’m your GM

UPDATE: In Downtime, for every day a character has 10 working hours out of the 24 hour Galactic Standard day. This is only the concern of activities that require specific amounts of time, such as crafting. Spending more time per day on an activity will add Setback dice and potential upgrade the Difficulty on any checks relative to the activity.
Certain roles aboard a space ship require a number of hours work every day while the ship is traveling.

  • The cockpit needs to be monitored by someone with at least a little bit of knowledge of piloting or astrogation (approximately 12 hours per day)
    Passing out in the cockpit doesn’t count, Vince
  • General maintenance needs to be done to keep the ship moving (approximately 3 hours per day)

Of course it is possible to leave the cockpit unmanned or neglect ship maintenance but doing so can cause problems (getting sucked out of Hyperspace because of an unseen gravity well, engine cutting out because it wasn’t looked after etc. Mechanically this means Setbacks or Difficulty upgrades or in extreme cases dealing with crisis encounters with interstellar hazards or carrying out emergency repairs.)