Downtown Athar received the brunt of the bombardment from the Republic battleships during the Clone Wars. Before the war it was the central part of the city. Now it is a mere shell; crumbling skyscrapers span the cityscape.

While trying to rebuild the city, the Athari government abandoned downtown. It was infested with criminals and smugglers. They began using the abandoned buildings as hideouts and and stash houses. Rather than trying to clear out the ruined buildings, they built up new districts. in a matter of years the newer parts of the city towered over the old downtown district.

Most buildings downtown lie in ruins. Only the lower parts of most buildings are occupied; the upper floors destroyed and completely in ruins. Buildings downtown often collapse, killing many people.

Only the poorest of the city live downtown in bombed out hovels. Some of the more fortunate citizens of downtown Athar live in huge tenement slum buildings. Crime is rampant. Police in the downtown district have been given special permissions to deal with crime as they see fit. This has led to a serious amount of police brutality instances. The unchecked autonomy of the downtown police has led to a serious amount of police corruption.


In order to stem the flow of crime into the rest of Athar, a strict district passport policy was introduced. Anyone leaving or even entering Downtown requires an official passport. A massive wall was built in order to prevent Downtown citizens from traveling uptown. It is easy for citizens of most uptown districts to get passports, but it is nearly unheard of that a Downtown resident would qualify to travel uptown. Temporary passports are available but are incredibly expensive. Permanent emigration passports cost even more and require referees from the more well-to-do districts. The main way in which Downtowners travel uptown is through Working passports. These are strictly regulated and usually only allow bearers to travel to the Industrial District to work in menial labour jobs in factories and other industrial facilities.