Imperial Intelligence

Formed in the waning days of the Old Republic, Imperial Intelligence enjoys the established networks and assets of four older agencies, all effectively combined under the command and control of the highly secretive Ubiqtorate. This legacy serves the organization well in terms of effectiveness and institutional knowledge, yet it also creates just enough suspicion among Palpatine’s highest advisors to necessitate the existence of the ISB.

Despite this division of labor and resources (a conflict that Imperial Intelligence comes out on the short end of repeatedly), the agency does a rather excellent job at serving the Empire in all of its real needs. While the ISB focuses primarily on political and internal threats, Imperial Intelligence is more concerned with military and related external threats. Even so, the crossover between the two agencies creates difficulties time and time again, which ultimately serves those in opposition to the Empire.

The structure of Imperial Intelligence is complex and detailed, probably an artifact of combining four different organizations and integrating all of their previous specialties into one whole. If any fringe group should come under the scrutiny of this organization, they are probably in for some truly serious trouble. They will most likely find themselves under the scrutiny of a system cell— the nearly independent smaller units of agents stationed all over the galaxy.

If the system cell determines the group to be a possible asset, the Bureau of Operations (simply known as the Bureau in the ranks) may send one or more Infiltration agents to find out more about what the group is doing. If the cell isn’t so impressed, its commander may either decide to simply deal with the group at his level, or request Assassination branch agents to deal with them.

Should the group somehow prove to be resistant to such methods, the Ubiqtorate may decide to call upon its most elite branch of special agents, Adjustments. These agents are the most efficient and capable troubleshooters the Empire can possibly call upon; if a group of fringers warrants their attention, the story has taken a truly dramatic turn.

Imperial Intelligence

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