Junda the Hutt's Criminal Syndicate


Junda the Hutt is (allegedly) the head of a highly organised, highly secretive organised crime syndicate on the Outer Rim world of JanFathal. The public is not aware of this organisation; in fact, most of the underworld on JanFathal is unaware of Junda’s involvement in crime. To most, Junda is an upstanding member of the community, a successful entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist. Any attempts to connect him to criminal activities have failed. Most who have pursued this line of enquiry have found themselves on the wrong end of a hefty defemation lawsuit or have been mysteriously shamed, discredited and/or fired from whatever position they held.

It has been rumoured that Junda controls all of the gangs on JanFathal and that they are completely unaware as to the extent of the Hutt’s control. He has at his command a small but highly trained and well equipped mercenary force whom usually deal with only the most “irritating” of Junda’s problems….. allegedly….

Throughout their adventures, the party learned that both Loram “The Mechanic” Izeel, used speeder salesman/arms dealer, Lomoh Sqomk, Gungan assassin (not to be confused with the lead character of “Lomoh Sqomk; The Gungan Toilet Bowl”, a Gungan scat porn film produced by Poodoo Stoodios), both answer directly to Junda. Further circumstantial evidence has been discovered linking Briala Anren, Dash Hellis and Fat Lobot to Junda’s extended organisation, although it is not clear as to how aware of these connections that each of these gangsters is.

Junda’s resources seem to be immense. He seems to control the sole source of spice on JanFathal as well most of the weaponry. Any intergalactic connections Junda’s organisation might have, have yet to be discovered.

Junda the Hutt's Criminal Syndicate

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