All players start with Galactic Basic and what ever other languages their race speaks (eg. Twi’leks start with Galactic Basic and Twi’lek, Droids start with Basic and Binary etc.). The exception to this is races that cannot speak Galactic Basic or other languages (eg. Wookies, Astromech Droids etc.) They can learn to understand other languages and start with the ability to understand Galactic Basic along with the ability to speak and understand their own language.

Whenever a Player encounters a new language, he must take a check to see if he knows that language. Players only get one chance to take this check when they first encounter it. If failed they don’t know how to speak or understand the language. Advantage on a failed language roll can be used to give the player a Basic understanding for the language. They can’t speak it but they can understand it somewhat.

Players can learn languages during downtime from language datapads. These language datapads can be purchased from various vendors on planets throughout the galaxy. Learning languages from datapads requires a Knowledge Education check with the difficulty set by how common the language is.

There are three stages to knowing a language; “Don’t Speak”, “Basic” and “Fluent”.

  • Don’t Speak: is self explanatory .
  • Basic: speaks and understands a bit of the language. nothing complicated, however.
  • Fluent: speaks the language as well as a native speaker and understands all that is said in it.

Learning a language takes time. A successful Education check every week for three weeks will get a PC to the Basic level. Another eight weeks and eight successful checks will get the player to fluent. The successful Education checks do not need to be consecutive. They can only be taken once a week. Advantage/Threat can be used add Boost/Setback to subsequent checks. Triumph/Despair can be used to reduce/increase the number of checks required.

It is possible to buy protocol droids as translators and language teachers.

Talents such as Speaks Binary will grant the Player the Binary Droid language.

The check required to know a language depends on where that language comes from. For example Knowledge Outer Rim or Knowledge Underworld could be used to decide whether or not a player knows how to speak Huttese.

Players can use Destiny points to know a language. One Player can spend 2 Destiny points to know a language, instead of rolling for it. Destiny points can’t be used to know a language after a failed roll to know a language.

It is up to Players to record the languages they know and the progress they are making on learning a language on their character sheet. If they don’t have it noted they don’t speak the language.