Life Support

Life support capacity is the total number of organic beings a ship can carry. This will be calculated by adding the total required crew to the max passengers.

For example, the G9 Rigger needs a pilot and co-pilot and can carry six passengers. The total of that is eight. That ship can carry eight organics without penalties.

When the number of organic beings on a ship exceeds its life support capacity, it will take 1 Strain Damage per extra being per day. This strain can only be recovered by landing the ship on a planet with a breathable atmosphere and carrying out repairs (cleaning out and replacing air filters etc.) It will be a Mechanics check to carry out these repairs. The difficulty/time required is governed by how much Strain the ship has taken. One check takes one whole day and will recover three points of strain (additional successes on mechanics checks can be used to recover extra strain).

Strain is less than half of thresholdEasy Check
Strain is equal to or over half of thresholdAverage Check
Strain is equal to or over three quarters of thresholdHard Check

Shipyard and dry dock facilities will help speed up this process but will be costly. Normal rate to repair strain caused by over taxing the Life Support system is 250 credits per point of strain. With shipyard/dry dock facilities six strain can be recovered per day.