State of the Empire

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to have a page that outlines the general state of affairs as far as the average galactic citizen is concerned. Obviously, it’s not essential for everyone to read and know all of this stuff but any one who wants flesh out their roleplaying with some extra lore will find this handy.


The Jedi and Order 66

The Jedi are viewed as a zealous militant religious organisation who wanted to seize power from the Republic. They are seen as the ones responsible for prolonging the Clone Wars. Once they were a noble order of peace keepers, but they became corrupted by the power bestowed upon them by the Republic.

Most galactic citizens believe that the Jedi order attempted to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine, in a botched coup. Their subsequent extermination was seen as a response to this.

Jedi are feared as dogmatic, zealous, single minded killers. Their peaceful, meditative appearence is thought to be nought but a facade.

Emperor Palpatine

The Emperor is revered as the man who brought the Clone Wars to an end. He does not make many public appearances. This is largely believed to be due to the fact that he was horrifically scarred when the Jedi attempted to murder him in his personal chambers. Most of the public affairs/appearances are handled by Mas Amedda. The Emperor took the old Jedi Temple as his seat of power, converting it into the Imperial palace.

It is not known that he is Sith or even a force user. He is viewed as a shrewd and pragmatic politician who took control in order to deal with the corruption and disorder caused by the rule of the Republic. In the Core Worlds he is largely respected as the man who ended Republic corruption. In the Outer Rim views on Palpatine tend to vary from him being a heroic saviour to a tyrannical despot.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is largely unknown, in fact his existence is is only known by the top ranking Imperial military and intelligence officers. His identity, his abilities and pretty much everything about him is a closely guarded secret. Those who find out about him, don’t really live long enough to tell anyone.

Moff Willhuff Tarkin

Tarkin is well known as a military leader. He has been featured on holonet news reports multiple times as the man responsible for quashing various insurgencies and rebellions around the Outer Rim.


Four years ago, a dissident group called the Free Ryloth movement attempted to assassinate the Emperor during a state visit. Since then Ryloth has been under strict martial law. This hasn’t effected the wealthier Twi’lek people but the working class and slaves have really suffered under the Imperial crackdown.

There is still a number of anti-Imperial terror groups active on Ryloth. They make attacks on Imperial facilities and murder officers but they have not had much impact. Whenever they are caught the Empire executes them publicly in order to make an example of them.


Five years ago Republican disidents made a bomb attack against the Imperial Academy on Corellia. Most of the victims were civilians visiting the facility for a public event. This attack only served to reinforce the sentiment that the Empire was the only hope for law and order in the galaxy with many Corellians. it also served to bolster Imperial recruiting efforts on Corellia.