The Hutts

The Hutts are immense, slug-like creatures who wield great influence in the galaxy; they have done so since the ancient days of the Republic. They nominally fall under the control of the Empire, but the Hutts long usurped Imperial power in Hutt Space through corrupt and monetary means. Many, like the legendary Jabba the Hutt, are criminal overlords, with the type of power and underworld connections that make them difficult for the Empire to counter effectively or eliminate completely. The Hutts’ efforts—criminal or otherwise—heavily influence the economies, governments, and illegal activities in large areas of the sprawling Outer Rim Territories. It’s hard to operate at the fringes of society without encountering a Hutt scheme. Worse, failing or crossing a Hutt tends to be expensive (and occasionally violent). Bounty hunters make a good living enforcing Hutt revenge.