Bargos the Hutt

Hutt Crimelord based on Daluuj


He is long and lithe (relatively speaking) and exceptionally slimy. Pale green in color, patterned with mottled bands of dark grey. His left eye and much of the left side of his face have been badly maimed, twisted into a lumpy mass of gastropod scar tissue.


Bargos is a mid-level gangster in the Hutt Cartel. He lives in a palatial mansion in Vaalbara on Daluuj. He serves as overlord to the Albanin Sector, and is in charge of pretty much all illegal activities in the sector. He also has connections to most of the legitimate business in the region too.

In his youth, his face was horrifically scarred in a failed assassination attempt.

Bargos is a talented sabacc player.

His most recent business ventures include a mining operation on Gavos and a swoop racing circuit on Daluuj.