Briala Anren

Leader of the 327 street gang


Short, lean and muscular. Covered in scars and usually bruises. Shaves her head to make herself a more effective fighter.


Briala grew up in Athar during the Clone Wars. She, along with many other war orphans banded together to survive in the ruins of the city. This group would later become the 327s.

Only other real information available on Biala is her arrest record which spans the past 10 years including such highlights as possession of illegal substances, possession of illegal weaponry, assault (there is a lot of assault charges), resisting arrest, assaulting an officer of the law, breaking and entering, drunken disorderly as well as the suspected involvement in a number of murders. Of course, all of these records were found in heavily redacted file as none of these charges have ever stuck. Funnily enough Officer Marlo Brax has been the arresting officer on many of these cases…