Cutter (CM-8688)

Clone war veteren and back alley surgeon


A little over weight. Has a scar on the right side of his head. His legs are cybernetic from the knees down. Has a faded tattoo of the symbol for “medic” on his left shoulder.


Cutter served as a medic during the Clone Wars. He saw combat all over the galaxy from Geonosis to Kashyyyk.

On Kesshykk, his legs were severed by a Jedi.

He was also involved in training Stormtroopers, after the war. He claims to have trained Agent Ataran Sionis before he was selected for the ISB.

He ran a back alley clinic in the Downtown district of Athar sewing up whoever could pay.

He left JanFathal on the Reliant Robbin with the Aayla’voa, Rob Bott, Victor, Vince Fukt’ifino and Yuri Lagana after being made aware that the Empire knew where he was.