Dimitry Vey

Eldest son of Malaren Vey and head of his off-world logistics operations


Greasy, sallow skinned & prematurely aged by serious alcohol abuse


Dimitry is the eldest son of Malaren Vey. He pilots Malaren’s freighter “The Majestic Molerat”. He runs the logistical operations of Malaren’s trading business.

He is fond of gambling and booze, much to Malaren’s dismay. He spends most of his time in cantinas trying to find suckers to grift in dodgy games of Sabacc.

He recently found himself in a bad situation after being caught cheating in a game of sabacc with one of Bargos’ men. His father sent him off world and took on the Hutt’s enmity in the form of a massive debt.

Dimitry’s current enterprise involves managing racers on Bargos’ new swoop bike racing circuit.