Gared Seaver

Scruffy war orphan with a talent for slicing


Skinny, scruffy kid usually seen wearing a coat that is too big for him and eating noodles.


Gared Seaver grew up in Athar during the Clone Wars. Both his parents are dead and he ekes out a living doing odd jobs for gangs.

When the party met him he was with the Wrecking Crew street gang, where he acted as the gang’s slicer.

According to Briala Anren, Seaver saw his mother killed in front of him by Clone Troopers when he was very young. She also said that she would not mess with the kid; he might be young but he really knows how to survive.

Seaver claims he learned everything he knows from his father.

During a heated street fight he revealed himself to be Force sensitive when Lomoh Sqomk attempted to kill Yuri Lagana. He threw the Gungan in the air and against a wall without touching him.

He was taken into Imperial custody Agent Ataran Sionis in Athar right before the party left JanFathal