Glib Setgo

Leader of the Neimodian gang in Athar


Pale green and skinny, even for a Neimodian. Prefers to wear traditional Neimodian clothes.


Glib was a minor clerk in the Trade Federation during the time of the Clone Wars. He did very little but process logistics forms to see supplies transferred from one part of the galaxy to the other.

After the Seperatist’s council was disolved, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems fell into disarray, Glib, along with many other Neimodians, decided it would be wise to flee Neimodia. Most headed to CIS systems and planets, many to JanFathal.

Glib settled in Athar, with a large group on Neimodian refugees. They tried to make their home in ruined tenement buildings in the Downtown district. They managed to create a thriving self-sufficient community in the ruins of the tenements but after a few years they were forced out by a local spice gang.

Glib became somewhat of a “community leader” in among the Neimodians. He managed to make connections that allowed him and a group of former Neimodian soldiers become a player (albeit a very small one) in the Athari organised crime circuit. Although they sell weapons and spice Glib’s primary concern is looking after his fellow Neimodians.