A skeesy sickly green Twi'lek thug. Usd to handle recruiting for the Wrecking Crew.


Info pulled from journal files on Gunn’seca’s datapad:
Gunn’seca spent most of his youth as an indentured slave on Ryloth. After the Clone Wars, the family that held his family’s contract was destitute and forced to sell Gunn’seca into the Ryll Spice Mines. It was there he met the human Thurm Davos. The two formed an unlikely alliance. Gunn’seca thought Davos to speak Huttese and Twi’lek and in return Davos protected Gunn from the other mine slaves._ (The journal entries state that Gunn was grateful for the protection but never saw him as anything more than a guard dog. He resented having to rely on a human.)_

Gunn was good at trading favours and smuggling in things that couldn’t be gotten in the mines otherwise. He would trade these things with mine guards and other slaves so he would have to do minimal work. With his spare time he developed a Ryll spice habit, stealing surplus and processing it in the slaves’ barracks. Davos was unhappy with his friend’s descent into addiction and did his best to help him. (Journal entries about Davos here describe him as thuggish muscle bound moron and says many unfavourable things about him.)

Eventually the slaves in the mine had staged a coup and overthrew their overlords. Davos took this opportunity to get himself and Gunn out of there. The two stowed away on a cargo freighter and made their way off world.

Eventually the two ended up on JanFathal where they became a pair of hired thugs, working for local gangs. Davos was ambitious and put together his own gang in the hopes of forming a mercenary outfit. He named Gunn his second in command. Gunn began using any kind of spice he could get his hand on. Gunn began using his influence over certain gang members to help him buy and sell large quantities of Ryll spice. He did all this behind Davos back. (Journal entries make it clear Davos wanted nothing to do with spice but Gunn manipulated Davos and made him believe that the spice found in the safe room of their base was in fact “just being held for a friend”.)