Jace Varhoot

Smooth talking fast shooting pilot


He is handsome and affable — his dark hair that looks perfectly groomed, though he never seems to touch it.


The party first met Jace on Daluuj, though Aayla’voa and Jace met long ago.

Jace claims to have been involved with the Black Sun Syndicate much in the same way the party was; kidnapped and coerced into working for one of their agents. He claims his dealings with the Black Sun were cut short after Imperial Customs boarded his ship and he was forced to flee, abandoning the cargo and the crew.

On Daluuj he helped the party with a race fixing scheme along with Dimitry Vey. They managed to make quite a bit of money in a short amount of time until Dimitry got greedy. Bargos became wise of the scheme and took Dimitry. Yuri Lagana attempted to negotiate his release and agreed to kill Bargos’ former lieutenant in return for Dimitry’s safety. Jace agreed to assist in the hunt.

Jace claims that Aayla betrayed him in their previous dealings. Aayla claims the opposite. So far an uneasy truce has been settled…