Junda the Hutt

Billionaire Industrialist & Definitely Not A Crimelord


Junda is fat, even for a Hutt but unlike other Hutts, he adorns himself in human style clothes. His hide is dark green and belly is sickly yellow-brown.


Publicly, Junda Vala is a billionaire industrialist, a philanthropist and a major pillar of the community in Athar. He is strives for the rights of Hutts and claims that all Hutts have been unfairly characterised as gangsters.

Privately he is the real power on JanFathal. He controls practically every aspect of the planet, criminal and otherwise. Attempts to tie him to any kind of criminal activities has failed. All those who try to confront Junda with allegations of corruption and involvement in organised crime has been proven to be false. Junda then sues them for defamation crippling them financially.

It has been confirmed that both Lomoh Sqomk and Loram “The Mechanic” Izeel work directly for Junda.