Malaren Vey

Incredible Trader Known For His Credible Merchandise


Large (rotund even) jovial man, usually dressed flamboyantly


Malaren is a trader based on Daluuj. He owns and runs a fairly successful business in Vaalbara called “Malaren Vey’s Incredible Emporium of Credible Wares and Merchandise”. Malaren has a repuation for honesty and prides himself on his wares and goods being reliable. Malaren contracts a small number of independent haulers who bring him goods from all around the Outer Rim. He has a knack for sourcing goods cheap.

He lives in a large comfortable house with his family, attached to his shop in Vaalbara. His four sons help with the logistical side of the operation while his daughter and wife help him with the accounts and day to day running of the business.

After his eldest son, Dimitry, was caught cheating at sabacc by one of Bargos the Hutt’s men. Malaren agreed to take on Dimitry’s punishment in the form of a debt. He sent Dimitry off-world to keep him safe, but Dimitry returned early despite his father’s wishes.