Bureau of Ships and Services

Possibly the most independently powerful civil agency in the Galaxy, the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) may be over 18,000 years old. Every major spaceport has a branch office, and virtually no one who flies anywhere within galactic space dares operate outside the Bureau’s authority. Even the Empire does not dare to interfere with BoSS in any significant way, instead choosing to require its own related offices to coordinate with the Bureau as necessary.

This unprecedented power comes from the immense data, collected over hundreds of millennia, detailing all of the astrogation information of the known galaxy. The BoSS maintains records of all of the hyperlanes, stellar phenomena, and anything else related to going from one point to another in the galaxy, and every other agency needing this information relies on the Bureau to get it.

Additionally, the BoSS maintains records for every ship and every captain, including registrations, certifications, ship statistics, transponder codes, weapons and shields, and last upgrades or overhauls. The BoSS assigns transponder codes for ships, and a ship’s captain must maintain his BoSS datapad at all times. This datapad contains the latest information on his ship, his crew, his travel data and location, and his current certifications—all of which the BoSS has on record. The Bureau regularly transmits the relevant and current data out to spaceports, Imperial administrative offices, and enforcement agencies. In particular, the BoSS coordinates directly with the Imperial Space Ministry.

The Bureau handles its own structure and personnel; most positions are actually hereditary in nature, or else the current holder cultivates and trains his replacement. As such, it’s both a civil service and a kind of clan. The vital nature of the Bureau’s service, and the assurance that no other entity could possibly manage the data it has, makes its neutrality a de facto reality that everyone, even the Emperor, accepts.

Bureau of Ships and Services

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