Nuth was a city on the Outer Rim planet JanFathal.

In the years before the Clone Wars, Nuth was a military city. It was the home to most of the JanFathal army’s training facilities and administration. In the years before the Clone Wars, the local civilian population on Nuth became disenfranchised with their second class status, next to the military ruling class. They held peaceful protests in the streets hoping to gain more rights and close the gap between the military class and the civilian. The military governor came down hard on the protests sending in troops to silence the masses. There was a massacre; thousands of civilians were killed in the streets. The planetary government in Athar condemned the brutal crackdown. They began the process to remove the military governor of Nuth from power but before this could happen the Clone Wars erupted.

Although Nuth was not hit as hard as Athar by orbital bombardments, it was still a major battle ground. The local military forces managed to keep out most outside invaders whether they were droids or clone troopers.

Once the hostilities had ceased, Nuth was left pretty much intact, while Athar was left in ruins. While Athar was being rebuilt, many of the more wealthy Athari moved to Nuth. They also moved their business there, setting the city up as a key trading hub.

In recent years, the military rule of Nuth has become lax favouring instead a council of key figures of in the city and professional politicians, much like the system in place in Athar. The evidence of the military classes superiority is still evident; military police force patrol the streets dealing with any kind of crime they come across with harsh measures.