Asrogation and Hyperspace

Hyperspace.jpgIn the Star Wars galaxy faster than light travel is possible by entering Hyperspace. Hyperspace is an alternate but parallel dimension. It is a shallow reflection of the prime reality. Hyperspace can only be reach by traveling at or faster than the speed of light. Hyperdrives allow spaceships to reach or surpass light speed but if they maintain this speed in realspace, a ship would promptly collide with a planet or sun or some other interstellar body. If it did not crash, the Hyperdrive itself would likely explode under the strain. Once the speed of light has been reached, a Hyperdrive allows a ship to enter Hyperspace through a wrinkles in the fabric of realspace.

Hyperspace is empty of all physical objects. If it were possible to see it with the naked eye, it would look like a stormy sea. The very dimension itself ebbs and flows and moves. Although no physical objects exist in Hyperspace, the gravity of planets and other interstellar bodies that exist in realspace, can still be felt in Hyperspace. Where the gravitational effects in the material plane are consistent, gravity and other such forces are ever changing in Hyperspace. Waves and currents of gravity pass through the dimension like an ocean.

Astrogation involves plotting a course through the chaotic maelstrom of Hyperspace in order get from one point in the galaxy to another at a speed that is faster than light. In order to do this, a navigator must assess charts governing the ebbs, flows and currents of Hyperspace in order to find the safest and fastest route to the desired destination. These charts can be updated at the Bureau of Ships and Services office on any planet. These charts are only good for a couple of weeks due to the changing and chaotic nature of Hyperspace. Plotting a course through Hyperspace is risky at the best of times and downright deadly most of the time.

Hyperspace lanes represent the well-known and established paths through Hyperspace. Areas that are well travelled and relatively safe compared to others. These Hyperlanes are the safest and most reliable routes through Hyperspace.

While traveling through Hyperspace, it is usually a good idea to have someone experienced in astrogation or piloting manning the helm. While it is not necessary, having someone there in case the ship gets unexpectedly pulled out of Hyperspace, if the initial calculations were wrong or any other potentially catastrophic reason.

Asrogation and Hyperspace

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