Even though the use of cybernetics is quite common in the Star Wars universe, they are still supposed to be costly and it is supposed to be rare enough to find a doctor capable of creating unique cybernetics. This is changed by the Cyberneticist class added by the Special Modifications book. The class makes Cybernetics less rare and special and makes them easy to craft. I want to make a few changes to the way Cybernetics will be handle for anyone planning on making them.

  • The book suggests using a custom Cybernetics skill to handle Cybernetics construction. We will be doing this. In order to “unlock” the ability to spend ranks in Cybernetics a PC must meet the following requirements:
    Two Ranks in Medicine
    Two Ranks in Mechanics

  • Players can still construct Cybernetics without using the Cybernetics skill but to do so they must make both a Mechanics check and a Medicine check. The player must use the worse of the two results to construct the Cybertech.

  • Any roll to craft Cybernetics made without using the Cybernetics skill will have its difficulty upgraded once and a setback dice added.

  • In order to purchase the Cyberneticist class a PC must meet the requirements to purchase the Cybernetics skill and must find someone who knows enough about Cybernetics to teach them. Such training will take several months. If the tutor is willing to travel with you this can be done in downtime. If you can’t convince them as such regular lessons will be needed.
    This is more to cover someone if they need time off and might want to have their character go do something productive in the mean time. I will eventually get around to covering downtime activities.

  • Cyberneticist is the only class that has Cybernetics as a Career Skill.