Daluuj.jpg Daluuj was located within a star system in the Albanin sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. It was a temperate planet with a breathable atmosphere, standard gravity, and two moons. Its surface was covered with barren canyons and muddy slopes. Its rotational period lasted 28 standard hours and its orbital period lasted 391 local days. The only really remarkable thing about Daluuj is that it somehow manages to be both dry and muddy at the same time. The air feels dry and raspy; sand, silt and dust clouds permeate all over the planets surface. This would lead most to believe that the planet is dry and arid, but it isn't. It is permanantly humid and the ground of the entire planet is made up of thick brown mud. The planet's mud is used for pretty much everything from building to cooking.

Daluuj was originally colonized by humans at some point after 1000 BBY. By the time of the Clone Wars, the planet was considered to be within Hutt Space. After the Clone Wars, the Hutt Cartel's territory retracted and Daluuj was no longer officially considered to be in Hutt Space. Unofficially, the Hutts still held power over the planet. It has a number of small settlements dotted across the planet. The only city on the planet is Vaalbara, although by most other planet's standards, it would not be considered a city, more of a large town.