The vanilla rules about ship encumbrance are a little vague and don’t mention much about handling bulk items, crates etc. The encumbrance rules are designed to deal in abstractions which makes it easy to fiddle with

  • Items can be packed into cargo crates. Cargo crates take up 25 units worth of space on a ship. They can hold up to 100 units of tightly packed items. Items that are packed into crates cannot be accessed and used normally (mechanically this means it will be a standard action to get one item out and a standard action again to prepare that item for use).
    Eg. A crate could hold 100 blaster pistols or datapads or other enc 1 items. It can hold 25 blaster rifles (enc 4).
  • “Used weapons” can be sold for up to 75% their base cost in bulk transactions. To get that 75%, you must have enough to fill a crate (eg. 100 holdout blasters, 25 blaster rifles etc.) Each weapon must be meticulously cleaned and worked on to make them sellable at the 75% rate. This won’t take a check, but will take time (10 minutes per enc)
  • Removing an item from a crate reduces its worth. A blaster taken out of a crate and prepped for combat is worth 50% of its base value (there is some narrative leeway on this of course; taking an item out to show it off to a potential customer etc.)
    Honestly, the purpose of this rule is more to deal with potential janky behaviour more than anything. Weapon hoarding etc. :P
  • Every player character has a personal storage (lockers, under bed space, your cabin floor etc.) worth 15 enc worth of space aboard a ship. This is fixed and non-negotiable.
    This space is for personal storage, and I’d appreciate it if you guys didn’t try to pool your personal space to fit cargo cos that’s lame.
  • In case the party decides it wants to haul vehicles around in the cargo bay, the actual encumbrance value of a vehicle is calculated by the following formula:
    Silhouette x (Hull + Armour) x 4 = Encumbrance

    Eg. The encumbrance of a speeder car in the cargo hold would be calculated as follows:
    2(4+0)x4= 32 enc

    The encumbrance of an X-Wing, however is a lot more:
    3(10+3)x4= 156 enc
  • Beings also have encumbrance. This comes into play when the ships passenger capacity has been passed. The encumbrance value of any passengers not accounted for under the passenger capacity will be added to the cargo. Droids will add 5 to the result because droids are made of metal (and because they are fat).
    2(Silhouette) + Brawn + Armour Enc + 5 = Encumbrance

    Eg. A human with 3 Brawn wearing heavy clothing:

    A Jawa with 1 Brawn wearing padded armour:

    Just because he is under your encumbrance, it does not mean you can put a Jawa in your pocket.

    An astromech with 1 Brawn and no armour;