Imperial Security Bureau


Direct rivals to Imperial Intelligence, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is the Emperor’s personal “secret police" force. ISB command reports directly to the Select Committee and, through it, to the Emperor. Naturally, this makes the ISB the most feared and hated organization in the entire galaxy.

The ISB is tasked with gathering intelligence on all potential threats and influences on Imperial doctrine, and the organization is also granted full autonomy to seek out and deal with such threats in any way necessary. This makes the ISB one of the most likely foes of any group of outlaws that operates in contradiction with Imperial law.

The ISB is vast in scope and well funded. While its operatives may not be of quite the same caliber as those of Imperial Intelligence, they are genuinely committed and enjoy a wealth of resources and backup as they need it. The largest branch within the organization is Surveillance, comprising thirty-five percent of its personnel. Other branches include Investigations, Internal Affairs, Re-Education, and Enforcement.

Notable Members:

Imperial Security Bureau

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