JanFathal is a planet in the Outer Rim Territories and was once part of the Republic. The city of Athar is its capital.

During the Clone Wars, the planet suffered due to pirate raids. Their requests for aid from the Republic fell on deaf ears, as Republic had greater concerns fighting Separatists. After the Separatists came to their aid, wiping out most pirate activity in the Fath system. JanFathal seceded from the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Upon hearing of this, a Republic warship, the Leveller, arrived and deployed a contingent of Jedi and clone troopers to capture the planet. A bloody battle ensued. Athar was devastated; many of the buildings were razed to the ground from orbital bombardment from the Leveller. The battle finally ended when battle droids managed to push clone forces from Athar. The Republic had no choice but to concede defeat and withdraw from the entire Fath sector completely.

Once the war ended, all combat droids were handed over to what was left of the JanFathal government. Half the droids were sold off for credits to help rebuild and the other half were integrated into the JanFathal security forces.

The Empire had little interest in Janfathal. The planet had few resources to begin with and most of the planet’s infrastructure had been destroyed. After years of painstaking rebuilding, the planetary government managed to reestablish the economy and rebuild Athar.

Once most of the planet had been rebuilt, the Empire decided to lend its “support”. They sent a destroyer and a contigent of Imperial soldiers. JanFathal agreed to join the Empire but kept most of its autonomy. As long as they paid taxes and allowed troops to be stationed on the planet the Empire was appeased.