Shootin' Stuff

Ranged Combat

So I initially misread the rules for shooting and range bands. I am going to use the rules from the core book from now on with the following adjustments.

All weapons have a Range quality. In the vanilla rules this means they can’t shoot beyond their range. Our home rule will handle this slightly differently. The table below shows the difficulty at making attacks at the different range bands along with the modifiers for being Engaged with a ranged weapon.


We will be using the vanilla tables for ranged combat but also the one below. This way, using the modifiers below, you can used short range weapons for longer ranged shots with penalties that make sense. This way carbines can have a purpose other than being crappier versions of rifles.

ShortNA+ 1 Setback+ 1 Difficulty+ 2 Difficulty
MediumNo ChangeNA+ 1 Setback+ 1 Difficulty
Long+ 1 DifficultyNo ChangeNA+ 1 Setback
Extreme+ 1 Difficulty+ 1 SetbackNo changeNA

Forearm Grip

Vanilla forearm grips make Ranged – Heavy weapons easier to use while Engaged. With my new rules there is no reason why a forearm grip shouldn’t make a Ranged – Heavy weapon better at Short range. Ranged – Heavy weapons with a forearm grip that is Long ranged add a Setback instead of a Difficulty to attacks made at Short range.


Vanilla scopes decrease the difficulty of Long ranged and Extreme ranged attacks. That is awesome. But scopes also stop you from looking down the iron sights on your blaster making it harder to make close ranged shots. If you have a scope modification on your rifle, add a Setback to any any roll made for attacks at Short range.