Weapon Carrying Concealment

Wherever there are laws against openly carrying weapons they will be based around the guidelines described below:

Weapons that cannot be easily concealed (eg. two-handed weapons, rifles, swords, anything that couldn’t be realistically hidden on a person, etc) shouldn’t be carried publicly. Specialised carry cases are available from most disreputable weapons dealers that allow you to carry and conceal weapons such as this.

Regular blaster pistols and one handed weapons (eg. pistols, heavy pistols, knives, grenades etc) are considered to be concealed if they are holstered. If someone pats you down or if you pass through a weapon scanner they will show up but someone just looking at you will have to make a Perception/Vigilance check to notice you are armed.

Holdout weapons are harder to find on a person (eg. holdout blasters, punch daggers, brass knuckles etc) and are only detectable by physical search and high end military grade scanners.

There are two kinds of weapon scanners; Civilian Grade and Military:

  1. Civilian weapon scanners will find most weapons, except for weapons designated as concealable or holdout. Special bags and containers can be obtained from your local disreputable arms dealer.
  2. Military weapon scanners will find all weapons including those designated as concealable and holdout. Only expensive custom made containers and carriers can get weapons through these scanners

Weapon Carrying Concealment

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